No Excuses; Just an Explanation


I know that I haven’t written an article for about 3 consecutive (Friday, Tuesday, & today) days. There is a reason for that.

I’ve been getting overwhelmed with work in three different directions. Two of those jobs– this blog and one other– are things I have to take care of by myself and another is something that deals with another person. Because of some circumstances, more money needed to be made and because of that, I have been extremely tired and unwilling to write.

Also, as you already know, I, myself, deal with anxiety and depression. They both make my head really foggy and hard to think and make decisions. I get really confused and lost/unsure of what to do easily. With all the additional layers of stress and lack of restful sleep, I’ve been more foggy-minded than usual. I’m trying to continue getting back into reading to see if it will help with gaining mental clarity. It and writing have helped a little bit with that, or one or the other. Ultimately, lifestyle changes (including lowering my stress levels and getting medication of some sort, I think) need to come about before anything meaningful can happen.

Or not.

Who knows.

Maybe I’ll suddenly wake up one day and be better than ever– as quick as a whip and as sharp as a… well… a pin, I guess.

To put the cherry on top of this marvelously busy cake, I’m a mother. And my daughter is currently painfully teething. So, that means that my time during the hours that I am home is predominantly taken up by trying to keep her calm and comfortable. If you aren’t already privy, a teething toddler can be a handful. She is a handful.

As a result, I’ve been trying to set some goals for myself, recenter myself, and really figure out where I want to take this blog and what I want to do with my life. It’s gonna take me some time. I’ve been asking myself some hard questions, the one that usually overwhelms me and makes my head spin faster than it already does. Like what my values are, what my personal mission statement is, how I can increase productivity, what rituals I can set into place to make that happen… And some other equally boring stuff that no one wants to hear about.

Maybe I can do a post about it one day…

Back to the point (you can kinda see what I mean about being all over the place…).

Obviously, my major goal is to help others, but it’s incredibly difficult to do when I also need to make money.

Time = Money. It’s a saying as old as time and holds true just as strong.

Which means that my time– like anyone else’s — is incredibly valuable and I need to make concerted efforts in areas that will net me the most profit overall. If this blog won’t do it, then I need to find my money elsewhere.

I would prefer to be writing here, in all honesty, because writing this helps me and I know that it’s possible that it may help someone out there as well. I feel like at this point in my life, this is where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing. Psychology, medicine, writing, mental illness, mental health– these are all topics that I love to be involved in and mean a great deal to me (as you already know). As such, it is necessary that find a way to make money from this little entrepreneurial endeavor so that I can do this without having to sacrifice more of the time that I barely have for myself.

That brings me to this point. I have not forgotten about this blog. If you’ve heard or read the story “Acres of Diamonds”, then this analogy is not lost on you: this blog is my diamond. It needs to be refined and cut, and I’m not going to move on until it does. It takes times to develop a craft. Success won’t happen overnight, though I wish it could. But in the end, after all the time it took, it will be worth it. It will be 2000% be worth your and my time.

I ask that you be patient with me during this process of trying to find my footing in the blog world. As well as trying to bring some much-needed balance to my home life.

For whoever is reading,

Thanks for your support,


Hi, I'm Althia! I love psychology have a particular obsession with promoting mental health. That being said, I have one specific goal that I want to achieve. I want to help millennials to finess mental illness and inspire personal growth one motivational & informational post at a time.

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